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320 CT Scanner

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The Most Powerful X-Ray Imaging Device on the Planet is at St. Elizabeth Healthcare

In the fall of 2008, St. Elizabeth Edgewood began operating a new piece of technology. Unlike other medical technology, this medical imaging device is capable of producing functioning 3-D images of the body’s organs in less than a heartbeat. Called the Aquilion ONE 320-slice CT scanner, it is the most powerful X-ray imaging device in the world and it can be found right here at St. Elizabeth.

This groundbreaking technology helps to ensure that St. Elizabeth can provide the highest level of imaging available to our community and to you.

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To schedule an appointment or for more information:
If you are interested in your heart health and would like to learn how the 320 scanner can identify heart risk, or to schedule an appointment please call (859) 301-2992.

Are you experiencing cardiac problems/symptoms?
If you are currently experiencing cardiac problems or suspect you have cardiac symptoms, please contact your physician to see if you are a candidate for this new technology.

This $3.4 million super-scanner is unparalleled in its capabilities, which include: detection and measurement of toothpick thin blockages in the blood vessels, detection of hard to sense changes in blood flow, creation of flawless 3-D images of any organ, joint or body part, all in less than a heartbeat. It’s equally important to note that this groundbreaking technology comes at no additional cost to you and with significantly less radiation than other CT scanners currently in use.

If you are interested in your heart health and more information on how the 320 can identify heart disease, please click here.


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